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Spring portraits at Clumber Park

Harriet and Lily were perfect little models for this set of happy spring portraits at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. Margo the camper van came along for a last outing in this country too before she becomes my wedding vehicle and studio in France. The sun shone obligingly and these beautiful girls shone too as we played with bubbles and balloons. Harriet got a bit fed up in the end and who can blame her after several changes of outfit (for which Margo came in very handy) and a chilly breeze. Lily was the perfect adoring big sister, doing everything she could with kisses and cuddles to cheer her up. Just so sweet.


Baking a birthday cake portraits

This shoot was a feat of planning and cunning! As a surprise for their dad’s 50th birthday Charlie and Frankie (who I photographed a couple of years ago here), baked a cake and I photographed them doing it. Then at the party given to honour his birthday, the same cake (OK, a replica, but almost the same cake), was presented to him along with a fabulous set of framed prints of the girls baking it. Genius! All carefully orchestrated by Charlie and Frankie’s mum Sam whose skills in getting dad removed from the house at the right moments along with the logistics of baking several identical cakes, were very impressive! I’m very pleased to report that the birthday surprise was a huge success and the birthday boy was over the moon with his present.


Rebecca Honeywell-Ward - February 19, 2014 - 7:49 pm

What a great idea for a shoot and an amazing present!

Looking back, moving forwards

I’ve been so excited about what’s coming up this year and getting everything in place that I’ve hardly had time to reflect. But before January’s over I thought it would be good to look back at what I did last year. It was my best year yet and the first one since I took up this business five years ago that I felt that I was somewhere near where I wanted to be. It’s all a journey and I’m learning and learning and will probably never feel that I’ve ‘made it’ (and if I do I will be wrong) but last year I stopped feeling like I was always blagging it and starting believing it was real. So it’s good to look back at what I did and the amazing and lovely people I met along the way, not to mention the beautiful places I went to. It’s so hard to choose but here’s my quick pick of the highlights…

What better way to start the year than with a new baby. This is Charlie when he was just a week or two old. He appears later and you will be seeing more of him soon this year too:-)

In February we went to Alesund in Norway to visit some friends. It was simply stunning and I got the chance to do some portraits of two lovely Norwegian girls while I was there too.

Daisy and her mum were so pleased with their portraits I went back soon after to do some more of Daisy and her dad. And Daisy herself was so inspired she has taken up photography and got a voucher for a training day from me for Christmas!

Yorkshire Sculture Park was the setting for Marie and Mark’s pre-wedding shoot with their two dogs. Very different to their wedding in France later in the year.

A set of family portraits in Saltaire. I did two sessions for these lovely people as the first day was really cold, one of the girls was having a bit of a personal trauma of the teenage variety, I dropped my lens and I couldn’t see properly. One of the less wonderful things about last year was that I lost a bit of vision in my right (camera) eye. A series of injections into my eyeball (yes really, as bad as it sounds!) improved the situation and has stopped it getting worse. I am now so grateful for what I can see and especially what I can photograph. When I went back to take the second set of these two, all was well with the weather, with my eyes and with the girls.

Emily and Owen’s Yorkshire wedding was my first of the year. Despite the English weather, it had a distinctly French theme as the two of them had lived in Paris for a while. Their details were fantastic.

Here’s Charlie again, a few months on.
And now to France, for Marie and Mark’s actual wedding.
On a roll with the French weddings now. Becca and Clement were married at a fairytale chateau.
I did a set of family portraits for a family from Geneva on holiday in the Languedoc.
Jennifer and Adam’s intimate wedding in the Dordogne was surrounded by sunflower fields.
And we managed to incorporate a week in Italy in the summer so that I could photograph Kara and George’s wedding at a villa near Verona surrounded by their gorgeous family.
Back in the Dordogne, Grace and Lawrence took over yet another chateau with a set of family and friends who really knew how to party.

Emma and Andrea got married at a vineyard in the Languedoc with the most spectacular mountain backdrop. Another one that ended with a great party.

Karen and Steve are getting married in the Dordogne this coming August. I can’t wait. It will be a very different sort of day to when we mixed with hen parties at Kings Cross for their pre-wedding shoot!
And finally back to Yorkshire for a set of Autumn family portraits to round off 2013.

It was good to look back but here’s to what’s to come. I know it’s going to be even better.













At home: Family portraits Yorkshire

Amazing family portraits made easy! This lovely family has a beautiful home with a garden adjacent to the rolling fields where West Yorkshire meets North Yorkshire between Leeds and Harrogate. Mum and dad started off reluctant to be involved so I took the children off first to enjoy the Autumn sunshine with Otto the dog, before persuading their parents to join in. They are really glad they did and have ordered prints of the whole family together as well as ones of the children individually. Here is what happiness looks like, set against the backdrop of the family home and the gorgeous views from it…

Jennifer - October 28, 2013 - 10:26 am

Gorgeous Susie; family, location and of course photography.

Nicky - October 29, 2013 - 8:59 pm

Stunning pictures Susie! What a photographic lot Amanda and her gorgeous family are.