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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Birthday boy

This gorgeous little boy had his first birthday last week.  I took some portraits for his mum and dad on the day itself so they’d have a permanent reminder of how adorable he was.  I think he has all the makings of a fine young man… Please like & share:


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  • Hi Susie, love these shots. They really capture every moment. Nice blog ;O)

  • Great Susie – a lovely “arty” feel to them.

  • Lovely vintage tones.

  • Fab images and fun processing. Great to meet you the other day.

  • This style of photography brings back some lovely memories. Lovely images. I like it that you experiment. Nice blog!

  • Julie Randall

    Really lovely photos Susie… the second one is definitely my favourite!

  • Post production nice a subtle and looking very good with excellent composition to boot.

  • Tushar Shah

    Great shots, love the timeless look to the images and post production

  • […] new addition. Big brother Rohan was first photographed on his first birthday (you can see that post here), so what better way to celebrate than to record his little brother Eassar on his first birthday […]

  • […] with big imaginations are growing up! I’ve been photographing Rohan since his first birthday (here) and Eassar had a birthday portrait shoot when he was one too (here). Now they’re both big […]

Something old…

Getting ready for a busy year, I’ve been going back through some images from 2008 to see what I could learn and to give me some inspiration.  I found a few from Jason and Sabena’s wedding last summer that get me in the mood…   Please like & share:


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  • Superb shots. Susie, This year is going to be AMAZING !! Your work looks so natural.

  • Beautiful images. It’ll all be kicking off again soon, spring is just around the corner!

The Lawrences do Winter

I think I may have to get a bit more imaginative with post titles.  But since I had us doing Autumn I thought it could be a series, which means that we’ll also have to do Spring and Summer.  That’s OK, four times a year shouldn’t be too much of a burden.  The other Lawrences…


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  • Great shots! I want a pair of those gloves! S x

  • Verity wants some too! Lovely shots. It’s great being the one toting the camera – it gets you out of all sorts of things 😉

  • You need to break it to Karl (No.7) that his pink thong was showing.

    Lovely action family photos, Susie.

  • chris

    How much fun is that. Love your shots !! Ace weekend