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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Lively children portrait photography!

Well these three gorgeous children were a challenge! Harrison, Ellis and Marcie weren’t still for a second and did the opposite of what I asked them – so I started to ask them to do the opposite of what I wanted, and it sometimes worked! But they were fantastic to photograph. Each one of them…


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  • Michael Stewart

    These are great Susie – the fourth one of the girl on her own is fabulous. What an expression you’ve captured!!

  • jo bailey

    love them !! Its going to be really hard deciding which ones to have!!! x

  • Love these Susie, especially the first ‘posed’ one, gorgeous blue eyes!

  • Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun Susie! Gorgeous images, as always!

  • Alan

    Super pictures,great to see them enjoying themselves, lovely to see natural shots.

  • Sounds like you had your work cut out but you did an absolutely brilliant job!

  • Lovely job, Susie! Such beautiful ‘character’ shots – I love the fourth and sixth, great expressions.

  • Wow – stunning photos Susie – they look like they had loads of fun! You’ve caught their beautiful eyes perfectly!

  • What a fun shoot, gorgeous kids and fab images.

  • What an awesome set of pictures. I’m sure you are going to hear the words – how are we ever going to choose!

  • They’re all so gorgeous.. and although you had your job cut out for you now doubt, you’ve done a brilliant job. Such beautiful eyes!

  • Fantastic portraits! I really love the ones where they are running towards the camera.

Portrait of two little boys

Archie and Billy are brothers and their mum wanted a portrait of them while they are still babies. They are very close together in age and you can see how well they’re going to get along as they grow up as there’s already a clear bond. I had a lovely morning at home with them…


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  • neil matthews

    cutie pies indeed! great shots! x

  • Very cute! I love the one of Archie playing rugby, the light is fantastic!

  • Kate

    they are fantastic Susie – but, bit of a problem….. how am I going to be able to choose, as they are all too cute! I’ll check my diary and let you know re viewing.

  • Adorable, Susie! I love the belly laughs in the first one!

  • These two are just too cute! I love the last two black and white ones, makes me want to know what they are watching because it looks interesting!

  • Thanks for all the lovely comments. Kate, I can’t wait to show you the rest.
    I pressed my own ‘facebook like’ button to see what happens, having only just added one for the first time to this post. Now I feel a bit of a fool as I can’t unlike it and I look a bit daft liking my own post! That’ll teach me. Feel free to press it if you’re not me though 😉

  • Great photos Susie – love the one’s against the white wooden door.