About Susie

So this is the bit about me.

I hope my pictures tell you what you need to know but for a bit more background here are some little morsels:

– I have three children – Sasha, Maisie and Jasper. We have a dog, Digby. Margo the camper van lives in the Languedoc and we are based there for the summer holidays, which is why I started photographing weddings in France.

– I’ve been a photographer since 2008. Before that I worked in PR and before that in publishing. I’ve got a degree in architecture. I tried a few things before I found the one I love.

– My Grandpa was a brilliant photographer and I like to think there’s something hereditary about it. There’s a page about his work here.

– I love to cook but Sasha and Maisie have usually taken over the kitchen with their amazing baked creations these days.

– My husband Karl, when he can escape from his day job, comes along to drive Margo and us around Europe and is the cameraman when we use her as a wedding photo booth.

– We’ve spent the last four years converting our cellar in Leeds into the most beautiful studio. It’s been worth it as now, as well has having a fabulous space to bring clients to to show them their images, I can also do non-walking babies sessions, head shots, women’s sessions and rainy day studio shoots. And I have somewhere to escape to when the domestic chaos upstairs gets too much!

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