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Flying the nest

Having a set of portraits to mark the stage when your children are growing up and starting to make their own way in the world is really special. Ben is already in his second year at university and Georgie is in the midst of her A levels and will be going away to study very soon too. So their parents made the most of a visit from Ben at Easter to capture them all together. We ventured up to the Cow and Calf rocks on Ilkley Moor for some relaxed photography. It was very windy! But I think hair blowing around and the sense of fun we got by squelching around the boggy bits and climbing up rocks all add to the charm of the resulting shots. I hope Ben and Georgie’s mum and dad will love that they’ve got a lasting record of what Ben and Georgie are like as they become adults.

James and Melissa… again

I know I’m posting a lot of images of James and Melissa’s portrait photographs. There is a reason I’ve done so much with them lately and all will be revealed shortly. While you’re waiting (on the edge of your seats in anticipation I’m sure) here’s the latest batch. Some were taken back at the gorgeous magic woods featured previously, although James cut his finger very dramatically with a penknife that day so couldn’t join in. Others were done really close to me in north Leeds in a lovely meadow area near to Meanwood Park. You can see James’s bandaged finger by then! I’ll be a bit sad when my project with these two is finished, it’s been such a lot of fun.

Yes that’s Digby in the next one. He came along to model too.

In the magic woods

My new friends James and Melissa and their mum Claire have a magical place they can go. The children’s grandfather has a piece of land that over the years he has turned into an amazing woodland area. He keeps bees there and peacocks. It has a carpet of wild flowers (snowdrops a few weeks ago when we took these. It will be daffodils now) . There is a black house with a thatched roof, a picturesque old caravan, dens, streams and little secret corners. I completely fell in love with the place. Then when the children’s grandfather emerged from the trees playing the bagpipes, I thought I had teleported into a film set! The family are have very strong Scottish ties as you can see from James’ favourite outfit too.  I will be going back to this incredible place with the children soon so that we can take some more in the spring sunshine. Here’s a few from our first session there. 

James is a really practical young man and was tasked with keeping the camp-fire burning.

He also fixed the roof on one of the huts.

Remember the cupcakes they made? This is where they ate them…