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In the magic woods

My new friends James and Melissa and their mum Claire have a magical place they can go. The children’s grandfather has a piece of land that over the years he has turned into an amazing woodland area. He keeps bees there and peacocks. It has a carpet of wild flowers (snowdrops a few weeks ago when we took these. It will be daffodils now) . There is a black house with a thatched roof, a picturesque old caravan, dens, streams and little secret corners. I completely fell in love with the place. Then when the children’s grandfather emerged from the trees playing the bagpipes, I thought I had teleported into a film set! The family are have very strong Scottish ties as you can see from James’ favourite outfit too.  I will be going back to this incredible place with the children soon so that we can take some more in the spring sunshine. Here’s a few from our first session there. 

James is a really practical young man and was tasked with keeping the camp-fire burning.

He also fixed the roof on one of the huts.

Remember the cupcakes they made? This is where they ate them…


Growing up series

Here they are again, the gorgeous duo of Rohan and Eassar. These series of portraits that record children as they grow up are among my favourites to photograph. This time we weren’t graced with sunshine but it didn’t matter as they have a fabulous garden and the train sets indoors kept the boys entertained. 

A rocket made out of cardboard boxes. More fun that the most expensive toy money can buy…

Jennifer - March 14, 2012 - 11:49 am

Lovely photos Susie and love your new look :)

The things we love to do – hobbies portraits

Melissa and James are a very busy and talented pair! After the glorious cupcakes, I was treated to a full showcase of all the fantastic things they like to do. So we did pets, gymnastics, drawing and painting, making crafty stuff, writing songs (well maybe plagiarising a little), playing piano, riding a scooter, doing magic tricks… the list was endless. It’s so lovely to record children like this at different stages of their lives, portraying them doing what they love with the people and animals they love. The next set of images of Melissa and James will be outdoor portraits, featuring equally interesting and personal props.

Such great tricks the wheel fell off!…

Baking cupcakes portraits

So it’s raining and an outdoor portrait session isn’t looking so appealing? No problem, what do you like to do at home? We can turn just about anything into a fun portrait session. Melissa and James love to bake so that’s what we did as the first part of their portraits. You’ll be seeing quite a bit of these two over the next few weeks as their session is in several parts, and I’m working with their very talented mum Claire on a really exciting project, about which I will tell all soon. In the meantime, who can resist some heavily-laden-with-sweets cupcakes?

Jess portraits for a purpose

My beautiful friend Jess has recently decided to brave the world of online dating and asked me to do some portraits she could use on Guardian Soulmates. I think it’s a great idea to invest in some professional portraits for this as it can be a wonderful boost to your ego at the same time. An hour after we’d uploaded her new profile picture, Jess had eight new potential dates! I knew it was a good picture, but even I was seriously impressed by the instant demonstration of its power. Here’s Jess and if you’d like to go out with her (and I hope nobody would be so shallow as to judge on looks alone even though she is amazingly gorgeous) you’d better be very special indeed because she is. She doesn’t live in Leeds by the way, she lives in Dorset. Just in case.

Ali - February 27, 2012 - 12:01 pm

LOVE these Susie!! Jess will be snapped up NO problems!! Will have to get you to do some for me!! I haven’t even got a shot of myself for my website!! x