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Portraits in Norway

Ida and her friend Emma will soon be confirmed. This is a major milestone in the life of Norwegian teenagers and it involves a big celebration for family and friends. I was asked to take a few portraits that they could use to make their invitations. Unfortunately the national costumes they will wear aren’t quite ready yet, as I would have loved to photograph the girls in their traditional dresses. But they look lovely in their everyday clothes and managed to look comfortable and relaxed despite the temperate – I supposed they’re more used to it! For the photographers who are interested, I only took my Fuji X100 with me to Norway, so all these images (and the personal ones I posted a couple of days ago) were all taken on that.


Our trip to Aalesund, Norway

We are very lucky to have some Norwegian friends as neighbours when we go to France for the summer. A couple of years ago they came to visit us in Yorkshire and we showed them the sights. This half term we finally made the return trip to see them in their beautiful home city of Aalesund, which is about a third of the way up Norway right on the coast/fjords. I’ve actually been there before about 20 years ago when I was, unlikely as it seems, invited to go to a Velux window factory there in my capacity as editor of Professional Roofer magazine (I’ve had some weird jobs but that one had its perks). It’s not a place I ever thought I would be fortunate enough to return to but I’m so very glad I did. What a magical place for breathing the fresh air, enjoying the countryside and for photography. We enjoyed amazing Norwegian hospitality and the children even went to Norwegian school one day. Tak!

On the first day the sun shone brightly. It was about -20 degrees but we didn’t care. To get to the mountains to ski we had to take a ferry across the fjord. Then when we got to the top of the first piste, we looked down on a spectacular view of Geiranger Fjord. Incredible.

The next day we were persuaded to try what the Norwegians call ‘ordinary skiing’. Nothing ordinary about it! It was extremely difficult balancing on ridiculously thin long skis and I spent most of my time with my face in the snow. Still, another lovely way to enjoy the countryside if you don’t mind making a fool of yourself. Here are the children before we set off. The sledge is the style they all seem to have. Funny how the little things are the biggest differences.

There was a lovely sunset as we drove back. I photographed it very badly but I had to include it as I made Aud stop the car so I could try!

Day three was spent exploring the city, climbing up a hill to see the view.

Penguins! Did I mention it was cold?…

Newborn portraits – life’s journey

One of the very nicest things about my job is seeing families grow up. Taking photographs of a wedding then being asked to photograph a new baby by the same couple is the biggest thrill. Cat and Nick had a pre-wedding shoot before their lovely wedding – you can see the fun we had at Castle Howard here and their wedding near Darlington here. Charlie really is the icing on the cake for me (and I think for them too!) They’d convinced me that he was going to cry the whole time as he has been suffering from colic, but he was an absolute star. A very adorable little star.

Getting a bit fed up with this modeling business now mum…

I am exhausted…

Mum gets in the picture

Here’s another set of family portraits from a few weeks ago when the weather was getting chilly but there were still lots of lovely Autumnal colours around in the magnificent grounds of Harewood House. Michele is a keen photographer. It’s not her actual job, it’s her hobby, and she’s brilliant at it. So she has many many images of her two gorgeous children that she has taken herself. But like so many mums (or dads if they’re the photographer in the family) very very few with her in them. I was very flattered when Michele asked me to take some family portraits so that for once, she could be on the other side of the lens and they would have a record of all four of them being together.

Little Astronauts

How these two little boys with big imaginations are growing up! I’ve been photographing Rohan since his first birthday (here) and Eassar had a birthday portrait shoot when he was one too (here). Now they’re both big boys and mad keen on space so their lovely mum got them a spacesuit each and painted them a rocket and we took all our props to the grounds of Harewood House for a space-inspired set of pictures in the Autumn sunshine. Blast off!