I photograph people, the connections between them and their environment and between them and those they love. Lovers, brides and grooms, brothers and sisters, parents and children - my aim is always to photograph the fleeting moments that represent the essence of who they are, where they are, what is happening and how they feel. In my work I strive to be true to myself and how I see the world and that means finding and recording how my subjects are doing the same.

The people I work with are usually a bit like me. Not quite totally wacky but maybe sometimes a little inclined to do things a little differently. If you're getting married perhaps you're planning it to be in a barn, a chateau or a vineyard. Your ceremony will probably be outdoors if it stays fine. You care a lot about what it all looks like and will be getting the details to reflect who you are but you're probably not going for the full-on bling because really it's just about the two of you and your friends and family and you don't need to impress anybody. If you're having family portraits maybe you'd like them at the seaside or your favourite park. You don't want to line up in a row and grin like loons, you'd rather they are spontaneous and sum up your sense of fun. Whatever the reason for commissioning me to capture your love, you will appreciate the care I put into every image - how I compose it, how I light it and how I edit it - to achieve results that you know will beautifully represent you and those you love. 


I travel the world to work with amazing couples and families. I'm always happy when I'm working. The (slightly wobbly!) video below is a snapshot of me shooting a set of family portraits in Mallorca. I love it when the sun is shining but I'm equally relaxed if it rains. No two weddings or portrait sessions are the same and they are all a wonderful experience that results in artistic and truthful representations of love and memories.