Sledging in Meanwood Park

So it finally snowed at the weekend and it was a chance to play with my X100 again. By the time we dragged ourselves to our favourite sledging spot in Meanwood Park in the late afternoon, the slope was looking a little worn and really there was more grass than snow. But that wasn’t stopping anybody and fun was had by all but especially Digby, who once he’d got over the indignity of being made to wear a parka and successfully wriggled out of it, had the best time narrowly avoiding collision with on-coming sledgers as he capered around. The park looked really pretty as the sun began to go down. 

There is a ridiculous head-gear theme going on as you will see. This wasn’t intentional, it’s just what my family wear. What can I do. Jasper at least managed to look slightly less weird as he wasn’t wearing a hat although the strange raised eye-brow expression (reminiscent of his grandpa) means he fits in nicely. Sasha is too cool to pose as well these days so reverts to pulling faces. I include her poking her tongue out to persuade her that smiling nicely would be less embarrassing. Although I still think she’d disagree.

The girls are both keen on netball and decided a bit of shooting practice using snowballs would be a good idea.

The snowy rooftops of Meanwood as the moon came out.


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