France meets Norway, meets me! (portrait photographer South of France)

I’m pleased to say that my work is getting very multi-national. We have some lovely new Norwegian neighbours in our village in France who have bravely taken a year out from their life in Norway to renovate their holiday house in the Languedoc. Their two daughters, who have become firm friends with Sasha, Maisie and Jasper, are spending a year in the local village school and will no doubt be fluent at French next time we see them and we’ll all be very jealous and embarrassed by our blundering efforts. I took some portraits of the girls while we were there in the summer holidays. I’d love to do more of this kind of work in the South of France – as you can see the light is just gorgeous and people on holiday are so relaxed and easy to photograph. So for anyone who’s planning a holiday in the Languedoc next summer and would like some stunning art for their holiday house walls, let me know! I’ll be there in a flash (but without my flash as that’s totally unnecessary when working with French light) – on the beach, in the mountains, in rivers and lakes, in the pretty old towns… Having said that, portraits in Yorkshire can actually have great light too. OK so this is France, but these shots were taken at 6pm and early evening is almost always a lovely time for getting great portraits, even in Leeds. Anyway, for now as Autumn arrives in Leeds and the sunshine becomes a hazy memory and the faint hint of tan disappears, here are the beautiful Ida and Mia to keep summer alive for a bit longer. We can’t wait to see you again in October and thank you for modeling so well.

If you look carefully you can see a cobweb in front of the horse’s ear. I think that’s lovely.

They got these two kittens while we were there. They kept escaping and were a bit of a handful the couple of times we cat-sat for them.The black one is called Fluffy. This one they named Susie. I wasn’t sure whether to be offended or flattered but they told me they just liked the name!

The little white blobs are tiny flowers that the girls were throwing up into the air. I think it gives this shot a kind of magical quality.


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  • neil matthewsthey’re absolutely gorgeous Susie! lovely light and emotions in each one – bet their parents are thrilled!

  • James PearsonGorgeous, fun and relaxed portrait session – I love the warm and sunny feel to them. I especially love the poses and expressions in the pictures after the cats – great locations too!

  • JenniferBeautiful! I’m rather envious of you having such a gorgeous ‘outdoor studio’ 😉

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