France wedding at the Courtyard at Ste Catherine, Stacey and Olivier

This whole newly extended family taught me a lot about love. People sometimes ask me if I can see when I photograph a wedding if the couple will stay together. The answer is usually not really though I’d like to say I could. I think most of the couples I photograph are in love on their wedding day and and maybe whatever difficult circumstances happen later and they break up. A handful of times there has been something a bit ‘off’ on the day and it’s not lasted long afterwards but this is rare. Stacey and Olivier’s love for each other was so clear to see, so complete, nobody could have a moment’s doubt. And the love wasn’t just about them either, it was part of a wider community of joy and commitment. Stacey’s parents had a big effect on me too, equally happy and secure in each other’s love. I liked these people a whole lot (and kind of wanted to be part of their family…)!

As usual I am behind on my blogging and since this wedding Stacey and Olivier have grown an actual baby who is already several months old. So the next generation is already in on the brilliant and beautiful act.

I’ve got lockdown brain on and have forgotten how to reorder my images and they’ve gone in from last to first. So, sorry, a visual challenge to see the story backwards…

Photographer France vineyard wedding

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