GSAL mini-portrait shoots day – 16th December 2017

Exclusively for GSAL families, I will be doing a mini-portraits day at Roundhay Park on Saturday 16th December.

For just £120 you will get…

A half hour session for up to six people

5 hi-res individually processed digital files with the right to print and share for personal use (perfect for Christmas presents!)

And as it’s Christmas, £20 from every booking will be donated to Candlelighters, the Yorkshire children’s cancer charity. Our amazing 13 year old friend Frank Ashton is undergoing treatment for Ewings Sarcoma so this is very close to our hearts and all the funds we donate will go directly towards research into finding a cure for childhood cancers which is what Frank and his family have asked for.

Book your slot here… https://susielawrencephotography.youcanbook.me

Then please pay here…

Any questions? Here are a few answers but let me know if you’ve got any others…

Q. What happens if it’s raining/snowing/foggy/generally miserable weather?

A. It’s the middle of December in Leeds, it’s probably not going to be great weather let’s be honest. Gloominess is to be expected and me and my camera can deal with that just fine. Even fog actually, it might be quite fun and atmospheric! Snow and ice are also no problem. However if it’s pouring down it’s no fun for anybody so we’ll reschedule or cancel according to what works for you. I’ll contact everyone in the morning and we can make a date for some time during the next week or I will give you a refund. But let’s hope it’s not necessary.

Q. There are more that six of us. We have lots of children or can we also bring grandparents/dogs/various hangers-on?

A. More people makes it more tricky to be spontaneous and get the sort of natural, creative shots I’m known for. With more than six it tends to be a bit more of a ‘line up’ and a bit more formal. Also if it’s grandparents, they are often a bit less agile so walking around and being a bit daft gets a little less likely (although I know there are exceptions to this!). If you really want a session and there are more than six of you give me a call and I’ll try to find a way to accommodate your extras. Dogs are fun and things tend to go the other way so perhaps a bit of good chaos. One or two dogs are welcome although I can’t guarantee they’ll be in the end shots.

Q. How long will I have to wait to get the images?

A. I know it’s not long before Christmas so I’m aiming for a very fast turnaround. I will deliver your images via an online gallery where you can download them directly by Wednesday 20th December (provided the shoots go ahead on Saturday 16th).

Q. Can you do prints and other products?

A. Yes, you will also have the option to buy products in the online gallery (though I can’t promise they will arrive in time for Christmas).

Q. What should we wear?

A. Whatever you all feel good and are comfortable in. Bright colours work well, logos and busy patterns less so. A few layers to feel warm and vary the look a bit are a good idea and scarfs and gloves are probably a good idea.

If you’ve got any other questions or would just like to chat it through before booking please call Susie any time on 07803 605119.

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