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Dominic aged six months – first year portraits at Harlow Carr

I photographed Dominic aged one year today. And realised that I didn’t blog his sixth month ones! So here they are, a little late with the aged one set to follow very shortly. These portraits were taken back in November when the leaves had turned and winter was on its way at RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate. Today was a typical April showers day at Fountains Abbey. As ever, big brother Charlie was on hand to liven things up whenever Dominic suggested he might have had enough. Here you go, Dominic’s portraits at Harlow Carr…susielawrencephotography_2552susielawrencephotography_2547susielawrencephotography_2548susielawrencephotography_2549susielawrencephotography_2550susielawrencephotography_2551susielawrencephotography_2553susielawrencephotography_2554susielawrencephotography_2555susielawrencephotography_2556susielawrencephotography_2557susielawrencephotography_2558susielawrencephotography_2559susielawrencephotography_2560susielawrencephotography_2546susielawrencephotography_2561susielawrencephotography_2566susielawrencephotography_2562susielawrencephotography_2563susielawrencephotography_2564susielawrencephotography_2565

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