Summer’s over… new beginnings (portrait photography Leeds and Languedoc)

So the summer holidays are over. Before I get back into the thick of portrait photography (and thank you for your patience if you’re waiting for your images!) and preparing for the weddings I’ve got coming up in the next few weeks, I thought I’d give a glimpse of what summer has been all about for us. As usual we spent a few weeks in the Languedoc in France. We are so lucky to be able to go there. Our village is very remote – there’s no traffic and we don’t have a TV so the children just go off and play all day in the sunshine and I don’t worry about them. I took a few pictures around the village and have given them a bit of an old postcard look to match how I feel about the place. I don’t normally do ‘landscapes’ particularly as I generally prefer images with people in them but there are even a few without people because there are hardly any people there and because Sasha, Maisie and Jasper could only be persuaded to come out and be photographed once! Anyway, because these were all taken within a couple of hundred yards of our house they mean a bit more to me than random pretty views.

To start with here are the real stars of the summer holidays:

This is the village from the hill behind. It’s not really a village, more a hamlet. There is a church as you can see but no shop or cafe although the bread man does come every morning with fresh baguettes and croissants in his van and Maisie goes to buy them from him. Our house is at the forefront of this picture – one of the ones in the dip. We do have a little view from the back terrace but not such a good view as this one!

The main street. Note the hustle and bustle.

Enough of the peaceful rural scenes.

Doing their impression of the Von Trapps.

I left the bruised and scraped knees as I thought they were part of how Maisie was that day. She thinks it spoils the photograph – and she is the best arbiter of what looks good – but I decided to trust my mother’s instinct on this one.

Catching various creatures was one of Jasper’s favourite pastimes. He picked up an enormous toad (wearing rubber gloves for protection) outside the house one day and caught a large scorpion – yikes! – in the kids’ bedroom under a glass. This came out of a lake:

The lake in question, Salagou:

My dad came to stay for a week, which was great. Here’s the evidence. Jasper and his Grandpa.

This is our house. Yes, it needs a lick of paint. You should see the inside but I’m not posting images of that, it’s too embarrassing. One day it will be chic and lovely 🙂

We’ve been back from France a week and since then we’ve been busy settling the new member of the family in. This is Digby. He’s a miniature schnauzer and he’s three months old. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a puppy but I am completely smitten, he’s fantastic. He barks at men with beards, chews shoes, wees on the floor – he’s a stereotypical puppy in every way. But he’s already a big part of our family. He’ll keep me company now that everyone’s gone back to school this morning. Sasha has started at senior school today – she got on a bus at 7.30 and won’t be back until after 5. I wonder what she’s doing and if she’s making friends. Everything changes 🙂


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  • JenniferLooks like you had a lovely Summer and hello to Digby who I’d love to dognap 😉

  • CristinaGorgeous images Susie, your children obviously had a blast! What a beautiful place!

  • SarahSusie, what a joyful set of photographs. These are the type that memories are made of – just natural, full of fun and gorgeous light. The little puppy is gorgeous too – good luck. Mine is driving me crazy!

  • Laura SilcockI can’t believe how much your kids have grown up! Brilliant pics. Looks like an amazing summer!

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