As they start to leave home… family portraits in the woods

Getting a set of family portraits done hadn’t been high on the list of priorities for this family as the children were growing up. Then suddenly they started going to university and their parents realised the chance was soon going to have passed them by! So, before the boys went off for the new term at their respective universities, we met for a walk in the Hollies, a lovely wooded area in north Leeds where I often shoot portraits. The dog came too and sometimes stole the show 🙂 Well worth the long wait I’d say…susielawrencephotography_1885susielawrencephotography_1886susielawrencephotography_1887susielawrencephotography_1888susielawrencephotography_1890susielawrencephotography_1898susielawrencephotography_1889susielawrencephotography_1892susielawrencephotography_1893susielawrencephotography_1894susielawrencephotography_1895susielawrencephotography_1896susielawrencephotography_1897susielawrencephotography_1900susielawrencephotography_1901susielawrencephotography_1902susielawrencephotography_1903susielawrencephotography_1904susielawrencephotography_1906susielawrencephotography_1912susielawrencephotography_1907susielawrencephotography_1910susielawrencephotography_1908



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