A walk on Ilkley Moor with my new camera

Happy New Year! I haven’t taken or shared nearly enough personal images over the last year. So my (only) New Year’s resolution is to do more of this. The first step was to treat myself to a new camera, a Fujifilm X100. The photographers reading will know about this camera. It’s very compact and incidentally looks beautiful, which in  no way swayed me of course, and takes absolutely top quality images, as good as would come out of my D300 with me in charge anyway. I took it out for the first time on Saturday as I persuaded the children and Karl (and Digby, though he needs no persuading) to come out for a walk on Ilkley Moor behind the Cow and Calf rocks. It was a beautiful day, but really cold as you can see from the ice shots and from the frost on the ground. And the low sun made for some challenging photography when I hadn’t worked out properly how to adjust my settings. It’s a good job I’m a fan of flare! But for a first attempt, I was really pleased with what came out. Next, I’m going to read the instructions…

There’s some sort of game bird in the middle of the shot on the left below. Is it a grouse? It was making a funny noise. Anyone who has an X100 will know that tracking moving wildlife isn’t probably what it was made for so even though it’s a technically dreadful photograph (and not the only one, I know! Bear with me, it was my first time…) I see it as a small miracle all things considered. Don’t bother straining your eyes to see it in the shot on the right. It had long gone by the time I panned around a bit.

Yes it’s a shame about the bin bag. Maybe if a client wanted this on their wall I would photoshop it out but life is too short for my blog, sorry…

A very welcome sight at the end of a very chilly adventure. It was a lovely afternoon though. I can’t wait for my next trip out with my X100 and you should be seeing more of my family and what we get to up as a result. Please let me know what you think of this first set.


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  • JenniferDamn you Susie – I want one now 😉

  • AliLOVE these!! Its on my shopping list as a reward this year if I’m a good girl!!

  • James PearsonLovely photos and family! Looks like a great walk and you’ve got the X100 working very nicely indeed. Looking forward to more personal work from you!

  • SilverbackFlarey good, Susie 😉

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