In the magic woods

My new friends James and Melissa and their mum Claire have a magical place they can go. The children’s grandfather has a piece of land that over the years he has turned into an amazing woodland area. He keeps bees there and peacocks. It has a carpet of wild flowers (snowdrops a few weeks ago when we took these. It will be daffodils now) . There is a black house with a thatched roof, a picturesque old caravan, dens, streams and little secret corners. I completely fell in love with the place. Then when the children’s grandfather emerged from the trees playing the bagpipes, I thought I had teleported into a film set! The family are have very strong Scottish ties as you can see from James’ favourite outfit too.  I will be going back to this incredible place with the children soon so that we can take some more in the spring sunshine. Here’s a few from our first session there. 

James is a really practical young man and was tasked with keeping the camp-fire burning.

He also fixed the roof on one of the huts.

Remember the cupcakes they made? This is where they ate them…



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