On being six and loving fairies

Philippa has just turned six. She is very chatty and very keen on fairies and dressing up and was therefore, a complete joy to photograph in Meanwood Park, Leeds. There is an area right by the park that always seems to me exactly the sort of place fairies would hide out. Here are a selection of the shots of her and her mummy and daddy, but really mostly just her because as she rightly said when they came to see the images at the weekend, “It’s really mostly about me and all the best ones are of me”.

Introducing Blue Bear, who is loved very much…

Now for some serious spell-casting. I was turned into a frog and Philippa’s daddy became a prince…

The magic worked on Philippa too. She was totally unaware in her lovely innocence that a brightly coloured spider was making its home on the back of her fairy costume…



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