The glitz and the glamour

Last Saturday night was surely the pinnacle of society events – Richmond House School Parents’ Association Spring Ball at The Met Hotel in Leeds. This year, as well as attending as a parent, I volunteered to be the official photographer and went for the full ‘red carpet arrival’ look . It’s not my usual style of relaxed portraits using natural light as I had to resort to lights and a steady stream of glammed-up would-be stars rather than children or brides and grooms just being themselves. But in a strange way it was really good fun. I’ve certainly had a great time with the editing! I’ve gone a bit over-the-top with cheesy post-production but I hope everyone agrees it’s in the spirit of a fabulous evening. I especially enjoyed whitening my own dentist’s teeth! Sorry Andy, they didn’t really need it but I couldn’t resist.
It’s strange what happens when you become ‘the photographer’ at an event like this. Several people (dads) who I know quite well introduced themselves and one even shook my hand oblivious to the fact that I am also Sasha, Maisie and Jasper’s mum and they know me!
Here’s a small selection of shots taken on the night. Regular visitors might be a bit shocked as it’s really not how I normally work and if you’re here for the first time please do scroll down and look at the archives to look at some other more typical examples of my day job.
There is a Richmond House exclusive Portrait Picnic taking place during half term on 28th May at 12-2pm in Roundhay Park. If your children go to Richmond House and you like what you see, do give me a call and book your place for a free 20 minute portrait session.
To see the full set and buy framed prints and other products, you will need to copy and paste this link into your browser: http://www.imagepartner.co.uk/event.aspx?eveid=6249bf67-539d-4b61-84ae-ef3bdfff3eca
You will also need the password that was issued on the night. If you have lost it please contact Susie on [email protected]
The gallery system isn’t very pretty and doesn’t display the images very big (ie it doesn’t do them justice) so if you’d like to see them bigger before you decide to buy do get in touch and I’ll find a way of showing you a bigger better preview image. I also have a much bigger range of products available that can’t be purchased through the gallery system so let me know if you think you’d like something a bit different.

Surely Richmond House has the best-looking parents and teachers in Yorkshire…


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  • JenniferGreat Hollywood treatment!

  • Chris MacKenzieGreat work Susie. It looks like it was a great evening, you really captured the glamour of this high society event.

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